Specialist Equipment


Each surveyor in our company carries a drain kit.

As an additional assurance and where access permits, we undertake “Look See” CCTV Drain Scans with ISVA Intermediate and Building Surveys. The footage is recorded onto CD and sent with reports. If defects are noted then we can send the footage to a local drainage contractor for comment at no additional cost.

It should be noted that drains are often neglected and when they fail repairs can be very expensive and disruptive. Furthermore, if left unrepaired then defective drains can cause building movement.


Each surveyor carries a 5 metre long Pole Camera which is predominantly used for assessing box gutters and areas behind parapet walls. These are also used to inspect the top of chimney stacks and to assess whether they have been properly capped off, ventilated and to check the condition of benching / bedding mortar around pots. The pole cameras are also used for inspecting flat roofs over two storey bays and other inaccessible flat roofed areas.


We also have in our arsenal of surveying equipment a boroscope. This is used for checking cavity wall ties, cavity trays or the base of steel or timber framed structures.

These are specialist inspections which involve drilling holes in the construction. This piece of equipment is therefore not used during the course of a normal survey.


We are currently introducing thermal imaging into our surveying equipment. This is used to find cold spots within buildings to indicate penetrating dampness or areas of poor thermal quality that are likely to be affected by condensation. Thermal cameras can also be used to detect electrical faults and water leaks.