Survey On Flats: Do You Really Need Them?

So you know all about building surveys and the process it should undergo. Every property is bound to have an above average surveying so as not misleading yourself to the false information given by vendors. But what if the property you’ve bought or wanting to buy is just part of a bigger complex? Flats and condominiums are the most famous of these.

Flats are the cheaper alternative for first time property buyers; therefore, many have also resided in those kinds of properties without seeking the advice of a surveyor. Do we really need to hire a building inspection professional just to make sure that a tiny room is safe? The answer is pretty much obvious. Yes.

Aside from a mortgage broker who will calculate all the monetary side of the property and prepare legal documents for lawful purchase, you would also need to hire a professional surveyor to check if the flat you’ll be using is conducive for living. There can only be one way of doing this: hiring building surveyors.

Below are common questions young people ask when purchasing a flat. You might have asked one of them as well.

Isn’t it awkward to hire a surveyor just for a flat?

No. Part of the investment of the property is to give the right maintenance no matter how huge it is. If you can’t shell out a few Dollars, make sure that your property is in perfect condition so that you can prevent unexpected household damages.

What will my surveyor do if there are damages of the property before you purchased it?

For damaged properties, the surveyor will immediately give you a report about this. He will give you recommendations and plans for remodelling or repair, whichever is appropriate. Even if you have already invited a surveyor to inspect, you still hold the right to pursue the purchase or to turn it down because of the damage of the property.

Flats can be enhanced to a better looking property, depending on the desire of the owner. They can even garden if they want to. This is the type of property where one can truly relax from the buzzle of the city life. Though small, flats still need a building surveyor which can enumerate all the parts.