Surveying Safely? Photo of Dodgy Steps Down To Beach

Surveyors must always be wary of their own personal safety as well as of those around them when undertaking surveys. This is demonstrated as per the photograph of a recent survey whereby the property boasted private access via a narrow set of stone steps from the property down to a secluded beach area. The lack of guarding together with the varying angles of the steps and slippy surfaces meant it was not safe for the surveyor to descend down them.

Surveying Safely

Surveying safely also relates to lone working of which is common in this profession, among many others. A lone working policy should be implemented and followed with measures introduced to reduce risks and hazards presented to those working alone. Cockrams Surveying have vehicle trackers installed to allow the movement of surveyors to be tracked, alerting of any unusual activity. Regular phone calls between surveyors working alone and our office are also arranged to ensure a lone working surveyor has safely completed their appointments.