Why Do You Need A Construction Manager?

Construction manager performs a significant responsibility in carrying out a building project from beginning to end.

Whether it is a small renovation project or remodeling work, a massive commercial project or development of a residential complex; a construction manager brings a significant change in the success of it.

The construction manager not just monitors the construction process and ensures that the project gets over timely but keeps a close eye on finances as well.

Construction Manager

He keeps the construction site free from safety hazards and coordinates among various stakeholders to maintain synergy.

In short, completion of a construction project needs a considerable contribution of a construction manager.

Studies say that in the UK, more than 70 percent of construction managers are independent contractors, whereas the remaining are appointed by the construction companies onboard.

The educational qualification for the job of a construction manager is a degree in the related field. More than the academic qualification, the hands-on experience makes a big difference.

Construction Manager : the core responsibilities

Every construction company is different. The work environment and business policies differ from company to company. Hence, the expectations of a construction manager also different.

However, some core responsibilities are shared. They are standard expectations for the job of construction manager.

  • Cost management: A construction manager has to be on top of the costs all the time. He must follow it and take the necessary steps to keep it under control.
  • Safety management: He should proactively find out potential hazards and take steps required to mitigate the risks. Safety at the construction site is very much important. There are serious implications of happening an incidence there.
  • Quality management: He is responsible for maintaining construction quality. Though the work is carried out by the contractor and subcontractors, construction manager has to make sure that there is no dilution of quality.
  • Contract administration: He ensures that all stakeholders are satisfied with the progress, and every provision of the contract is being met.

Hence, the responsibilities of a construction manager are many. He plays a crucial role in the success of the project.

How to become a Construction Manager?

One should acquire specialized skills to become a successful construction manager. The work profile isn’t limited to reading the blueprint of a project or supervising the construction process, but it is far more than that.

A manager has to be familiar with what is the latest in the construction business. He must acquire proficiency over industry-specific software. It is impossible to survive in a competitive market without it.

As far as a related course of study is concerned, a construction engineer must know about architecture, mathematics, statistics, and Information Technology.

He should know about subjects like planning, designing, scheduling, cost estimation, and so on. A construction manager must know how to do cost estimation.

Excellent communication skills are expected from him. He should be a good coordinator and team manager. He should have good interpersonal and communication skills.

The appointment of a construction manager should be done after thorough research.