5 Easy Steps In Utilizing Renewable Energy At Home

green powerBeing responsible home owners, it is important that you utilize and integrate renewable energy into your daily lifestyle.

Here are 5 simple ways:

Self- Produce Energy

Producing your own energy can be relatively simple. All you have to do is install energy generating equipment such as solar panels and small wind turbines in your home. You will find that these types of equipment can be very affordable too.

You can use solar panels for water pumping. Another way of utilizing solar panels is by supplementing your existing utility power by generating a part of your power needs. This in turn allows you to reduce your electric bill.

Solar water heaters are also another useful technology that is heavily underrated. Although these systems do not produce electricity, it decreases the use of gas for heating water. These devices can provide 50-80% of the hot water needs in regular homes and businesses.

Choose Home Designs that are Renewable Energy Ready

In designing your new home, or even when you are just remodeling, paying attention to designs that promote renewable energy can play a huge role. Using passive solar designs take advantage of the sun’s natural capability to provide heating in the house during winter simply by observing proper house orientation and window size. You can add roof overhangs that can be fashioned to keep the sunlight outside during summer season and let it shine through during winter season. You can also take advantage of the design principle of daylighting which is essentially, a design which allows the sun to provide light during the day.

Take Advantage of the Sun and Wind!

You may find that tasks that we’re used to accomplishing with the use of electric or gas power can be done by using readily available renewable energy. For example, the simple activities of hanging our clothes to dry outside, solar cooking or even by using the sun’s heat to make coffee can already decrease our dependence on using electricity and other gas or coal energy.

Support Green Power

When choosing electricity providers, make sure you go with a provider that gives highest commitment and support to renewable energy. This is also depends if this option is available in your community.

If you are residing in an area where you do not have other options for electricity providers, you can still purchase a green power alternative from your current provider. Most utilities usually provide more choices to their consumers. You can ask your electric provider if they offer or will be offering a green power alternative.

Create an Energy Efficient Home

Perhaps the most essential benefit of renewable energy is producing electricity with virtually no pollution at all. Pollution is also minimized when we conserve our own energy requirements by utilizing renewable energy or building energy renewable-ready homes. Simple ways of conserving energy are turning off the lights when a room is not in use and also using programmable thermostats. This way, your home will not be automatically cooled or heated when you’re not present.

There are still a number of other ways to utilize renewable energy. As long as the principle is there, we can work together towards a more productive and pollution-free environment. A little always goes a long way.

Image by Flickr