Beware Rogue Agents And Landlords In London; The Big Boss Is Watching!


Here is big news that will bring a great qualitative improvement in the real-estate scenario in London.


It is an initiative to stamp out ill-practices prevailing in the private rented sector.


According to the reports.,33 local authorities come together to build a rogue landlord database introduced by the Honorable Mayor of London City.


Certainly, it is encouraging news and a reason to feel good because now it will be possible to check whether the landlord or letting agent has been convicted of housing offence ever.


Since the information is stored in an online database, it is a matter of a few clicks. It is first of its kind initiative in the country which has been welcomed by everyone.


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Mayor of the city is the mastermind


The idea was floated by the mayor of London which has been appreciated and supported by all the councils. They all agreed and made it possible to nail unprincipled letting agents and landlords.


The 32 boroughs and the city of London will be providing records of successful prosecutions and fines. The same will be entered into the database.


An easy-to-use tool is provided to the users that will access the central pool of information.


A data-entry portal is also available to ‘report a rogue’ if the complaint is for the first time against a letting agent or landlord.


It is a step which can not only check malpractices and dishonesty but also give big confidence to those renting their properties.

Even if the percentage of amoral people is less, the nuisance value is quite high.


The launch of the portal is part of the manifesto commitment of the mayor, and before the National Rogue Landlord Database comes into existence, it is operational.


The data is not accessible to the public as of now. Only councils can see it. However, the same can happen subsequently.


What is the next?


The launch of this database is part of the broad London Housing Strategy proposed by the mayor to tackle the housing crisis in the city.


In the long-term, there are proposals to appoint an independent commissioner who will keep control on the situation. He ensures that the voice of the people living in social housing will is heard.


Also, there are plans to offer more affordable houses in the next five years. Out of them the majority portion will be the homes based on social rent.


How is ‘rogue landlord and agent database’ helpful?


First, it is a major milestone in protecting the interests of renters because all local authorities have signed up.


Second, the tool will help people in spotting the rogues and making an informed decision. Even if the unethical people are a few, they can spoil the rental market. These dishonest people pose a big threat to the interests of tenants.


Rooting out the criminal landlord is possible only when there is some centralized data pool. It is a fantastic way to distinguish between decent and indecent players. Those who bring the realty sector into disrespect can be highlighted.