Cockrams Surveying offers a Rolls Royce service at Ford prices

Colin Cockram recently surveyed a substantial Victorian house I am buying. I strongly recommend him to other purchasers of houses in the area.

Colin was most helpful and informative before, during and after the survey. His survey was thorough – even going to the extent of unblocking some drains so that he could provide entry from his drain survey camera. He was not able to finish all the work in one day so he came back to finish it on the next day without any extra charge.

The main conclusions were telephoned to me the day he finished. The typed report extending to 39 pages (as well as a video of the drains) plus 3 large appendices were with me in 3 working days.

Colin then answered many questions from me and helped me obtain quotations to have remedial work done. Also Cockrams Surveying support staff are efficient and helpful.

In short COCKRAMS SURVEYING offers a Rolls Royce service at Ford prices.

D Stone