Condensing Boilers… ECO Friendly?

Acidic Condensate from Boilers can Damage the Structure of Buildings!

This acidic waste can dissolve the lime in cement based mortar and can (over time) damage the fabric of the building.

This is why it is important to dispose of the acidic condensate in an environmentally friendly way.

TOP ECO-Friendly Tip to Dispose of the Acidic Condensate

* Never allow any boiler condensate to be put straight into the ground or down the side of a building without neutralising it first

A new product has caught my eye in combatting the acidic condensate problem. This product is designed by Saniflo and has been designed to be an eco friendly, quiet pump that disposes condensate from gas and oil boilers. It also disposes of condensate from air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. Being small but powerful it can neutralise condensate and discharges up to 4.5m vertically at a mean temperature of 35 Degrees Celsius but can cope with up to 80 Degrees Celsius for limited periods of time.

Subject to location, fitting these small but mighty pieces of eco friendly awesomeness may even have the benefit of reducing the possibility of the boiler discharge tube freezing. Last winter this was very common due to poorly installed gravity discharge systems.

Have a look at their website for more information

Information provided from The Independent Surveyors Association (ISA).