Descriptions of Building Materials Services and fittings for Properties

It is important for surveyors to be accurate in their descriptions of building materials along with services and fittings within properties. To this end, it was noted recently that some composite slates look extremely similar to natural slates as can be seen on the Photograph.

The first thing to notice is that all of the slates are 100% square and the second would be that there were no broken or slipped slates anywhere which one would expect if the coverings were of natural slate. The final and best way to confirm the type of slate is on the edges where the slates protrude into the gutter and in this case it can definitely be seen the slates have been cast and therefore are a composite material and probably of crushed slate bonded in resin known as Redland Heritage Cambrian. The surveyor should be aware that there could be very severe consequences if this type of slate has been laid instead of natural slates say on a listed building or within a conservation area.