Have You Picked Up the Right Surveyor?

If you think that the criticality of the property surveyor is limited to the basic mortgage survey only, then you are mistaken for sure. Still, a large percentage of buyers remain restricted to society mortgage valuation surveyor. Only a few choose a homebuyer survey (or a complete building survey for that matter.

Many people wonder about why people need property surveyors. Estimates say that on an average people spent 000 pounds on the repair and maintenance after buying properties. It is a big money which could have been saved by appointing surveyors before making the decision of purchasing a property.

Experts recommend appointing a surveyor because they think that being forewarned is good from the perspective of buyers. It tells about the real condition of the property and also about the possible implications of repair and maintenance.

If the property you are buying comes out to be safe and clear after putting under the microscope of the surveyor, then you have a total peace of mind. You are relaxed about the structural strength of the building.

Getting a property surveyed by a qualified person gives the strength of negotiation to both parties. Imagine a situation when buyers are not ready to spend money just because they suspect the structural strength. When there is a certificate of excellence attached to it, there is no rationale for not paying the money. Similarly, when a buyer gets the property surveyed, he or she can negotiate for a discount if the survey report underlines some inherent negative aspects. Thus, a surveyor helps in uplifting and downgrading the property rate in the benefit of buyer or seller as the case may be.

What do they do actually?

If you look at the work profile, then a surveyor carries out surveys for the whole spectrum of properties (commercial and residential). From a first-time buyer to an established builder, everybody avails the services and gets benefited.  As per experts, the competency of a surveyor is determined by the ability to identify small and detailed issues of the property, especially the ones that remain hidden to the eyes of homebuyers. When a surveyor digs out hidden issues, it means he is the expert in the niche.

The surveyor has an impartial, objective vision while looking at the structural issues. He looks at the things for what they are. It is good for both parties. Issues are categorized as ‘minor’ (not impacting the deal), ‘major’ (deal-braking), or ‘severe’ (the “showstoppers”)!

Surveyor points out the things that are hidden from others

Since the buyers or sellers are not an expert in building structures, they are obviously unable to find out the finer points.  Yes, it is the distinctive microscopic vision of the surveyor that spots out issues that are invisible to your eyes, but may cause a more costly work in the long run. It is the reason; appointing a seasoned surveyor is highly recommended. When buyers are impressed by the stunning landscape or convenient location of property, they tend to miss the shortcomings. The surveyor looks at it with an unbiased mindset, and potential problems pop out instantly to him.

With an experienced eye that scans the property from the floor to the rooftop, a skilled surveyor picks up all issues and makes a comprehensive report. It gives a precise and perfect snapshot about the condition of the property. The report has several sections and sub-sections and may run over a few pages.

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Looking for a property surveyor? Don’t miss these points!

Getting the right surveyor is as crucial as buying a right property. You should look for the following things for a better selection:

  • An experienced surveyor is good.
  • Excellent knowledge and skills.
  • Good understanding of local properties.
  • Online presence.
  • Good customer-handling.
  • It is better if he is MRICS qualified and regulated by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) or equivalent.
  • The surveyor is insured for professional indemnity (PI).

Make a list of a few possible surveyors after a thorough research. Talk to the surveyor in person and ask all the questions and doubts.  Remember, a good surveyor is open with the clients. He answers all the questions patiently.

If there is a tie, then listen to your ‘inner voice’. Yes, intuition always guides you to the right selection. Find out the right person and realize the dreams.

A surveyor is a “critical, objective friend”

Amazed with the statement?  Whether you are a property buyer, dealer or seller; a surveyor helps everyone with the right decision of property. He has the critical view of looking at a structure for positive and negative aspects. The make or break decision largely depends on the survey report. Hence, correctness is a pivotal aspect.

Most importantly, he or she guides you about some other specialized survey if required, e.g. building a survey in case you are purchasing an old, non-listed unusual property. Don’t think about the additional cost because it is insignificant against the huge pile of money you will be pouring in.

Don’t cut corners while hiring a surveyor. Compromising on quality and price may lead to an incorrect hiring. Look for an experienced and seasoned person in the town.

Is it necessary to appoint a surveyor when you are buying a flat?

Well, you are spending hard-earned money on flats. Hence, there is no harm in appointing a surveyor. Rather, it will give a sigh of relief when you know that the flat is in good condition. Also, it will avoid unexpected problems and maintenance requirements. Investing marginal money for surveyor fees (as compared to the price of the flat), you buy a great mental peace. Detailed defect report also helps in negotiating the price if the seller is asking extravagantly.

Find the right surveyor by asking friends, family members or colleagues. In the modern world of technological excellence, surveyors offer the services online. Browse the Internet to find out the best service around. Sit back and relax when the surveyor prepares a detailed report. You have substantial evidence about the structural strength which is useful for price negotiations.