Know ABC Of Snagging Survey

Before you deep dive into the need of arranging a snagging survey, let’s understand what is snagging survey all about?

According to survey experts, it is designed to identify the possibility of immediate problems in the new-build home of yours. When you assign the task to a specialist surveyor, expect their team anytime to check for improper construction, faulty finishing, and leaky taps. They also look into the fundamental structural issues so that the developer can fix the same before you move in.

Don’t get confused with traditional house survey. The snagging survey looks into very small issues such as a door not getting closed properly. Of course, it takes care of bigger, structural issues as well.

When do you need a snagging surveyor?

The most appropriate time to call a snagging surveyor is when your building is at the final stage of construction. He is required before you arrive at the legal completion date. Basically, you should give appropriate time to the developer to fix the issues highlighted by the surveyor.

In case your developer has objections about calling the snagging surveyor before completion date, then you should call him as soon as you move in. It is critical that you get an assurance from the developer about resolving the issues.

You would be astonished to know the fact that the developer is bound to correct the defects if the snagging survey is done within two years of the completion date. Many people don’t know it.

It is not a lengthy or cumbersome activity!

If you didn’t complete the survey before moving in, then also you shouldn’t worry about it. The survey won’t disrupt your normal routine. The team would arrive at your place, and experts will check every wall, window, door, and fitting. A detailed report will be prepared based on the results. The snagging survey report is handed over to the developer directly, and he is responsible for the rectification of the problem within the agreed timeline.

The cost of a snagging survey depends on the size of the property. Also, it differs from surveyor to surveyor. If you want to know the ballpark figure, then roughly 300 GBP to 600 GBP are charged for conducting comprehensive surveys. The more qualified, certified and renowned the surveyors are; higher are the rates.

Is there something like DIY snagging survey?

Can you imagine a situation when you treat some ailment by using DIY treatment method? Sounds absurd, isn’t it? In a similar way, snagging survey is a highly specialized niche. You need extensive knowledge, research, and experience to carry out it.

Structural issue or subsidence is impossible to find out unless you are expert in it. Therefore, it is always recommended calling an expert for it.

What happens after snagging survey?

You have completed snagging survey; it doesn’t mean that problems won’t come out. You will have small and big issues afterward also. Just make a note of it and handover to the developer. Yes, he is liable for correcting the defects that erupt b