Measured Surveys and Existing Drawings – Cockrams Surveyors in Cornwall

A measured survey, as indicated by the name, is a survey and measurements taken of an existing building/structure or land to provide accurate existing ‘to scale’ drawings which usually include existing floor plans and elevation drawings but can also include roof plans, section drawings and
other construction detail drawings depending on the client’s requirements, the purpose of the drawings etc. Measured surveys and existing drawings of buildings are usually carried out to meet the requirements for applications such as Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent or Building
Regulations where works are proposed to be carried out.

The level of detail and information provided on measured surveys can vary depending on what the drawings are being used for, the equipment being used to take the data and measurements, the client expectations generally and the person/company carrying out the survey. It is important to
discuss your requirements with the firm or individual you are considering using, outlining what the information is to be used for and what information you would like to be provided with.

Measured surveys may be carried out using equipment such as tape measures, measuring wheels, laser distance measuring devices but can also use equipment such as 3D laser scanners, total stations and other items.

As well as being required for the application process for necessary local authority consents, existing drawings may also be used to alter to produce proposed design drawings for proposed alterations or works. They also provide contractors and other professionals with an understanding of the layout, positioning etc. of a property, its rooms and what it comprises of in order to be able to compare with the proposed changes.

Cockrams Surveyors can carry out measured surveys of buildings and properties for a variety of circumstances. We can also provide existing drawings, proposed design and construction drawings, submit applications on behalf of clients and assist with the process of tendering works, contract administration and provide a one stop shop service for works such as extensions, new build properties, alterations and more. Give our friendly team a call to discuss your measured survey and project requirements on 01872 277230 or email