Not only house prices but rents also show an increasing trend in London

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get a phenomenal return on your investment at much faster pace than you expected? Yes, indeed nothing can be more exciting than it.

According to property geeks who have been following the economic trends for quite some time, the scenario of rents and property prices looks pretty good.

It is a big sigh of relief, isn’t it? The positive news encourages people to invest more because the price rise will outrace the inflation and you will have a few spare pounds in the kitty.

Don’t miss the bus by thinking that buy-to-let is a dead option. No, it is the right time to put your money in a fantastic apartment, row house or villa in a locality where you can quickly find tenants.

When average price hike is 5 percent or more, ‘sooner is better’ should be your policy. Can you believe people made the capital gain of 12000 GBP per property on the investments made in the last financial year? Yes, these are authentic figures.

House Prices in London

Good time is waiting for you; reap as much profit as you can

Picture yourself earning handsome money as you have one complete year to evaluate the price rise. Yes, people have expressed concerns about achieving their short-term goals. The main concern is obviously about tax.

However, as the trend is for raising the rents, you can do it without any fear of losing tenants. Statistics prove that hardly any tenants indulge into price negotiations. The declaration of Tenants’ Fees Bill hits hard to loyal tenants who are looking for long-term agreements.

Are you an eager investor? Are you always curious about the shape London property market will take in future? If yes, then start reading good property blogs and gather the facts. It will help in the long run.

Make the right investment in the best property and reap incredible profits.

Seasoned property brokers are pretty confident about future

Imagine what it would be like if the most seasoned property brokers have been talked negatively about it? Did you not believe it?

If yes, then you don’t have any reason for not believing them when they foresee a strong market. Mind it; experts are not even considering the slim majority of the government or Brexit at all.

They feel that in spite of all odds, low rate of interest will benefit the tenants and investors both.

What do industrial sources say about the official figures?

Everyone knows that the Land Registry house price data is the most valid and authentic documents in the UK. Since it is based on a large sample size, and the statistics cover every property transaction; its validity is unquestionable.

If this document says that property investment returns will continue to beat inflation and the rate of increase in price will pick up further, then the situation is beyond doubt.

Therefore, just forget about the negative connotations and so-called ‘collapse’ of the UK property market.

Stay invested for seeing your money growing with a great pace than your expectations!