Properties of a Good Real Estate Agent Who Can Help in Grabbing The Best Properties

If you think that choosing a genuine estate agent doesn’t make any difference because all of them are alike, then you are mistaken. Selling an asset that worth thousands of pounds should not be done so casually. You must differentiate between good, better and the best to avoid the stress and frustration. As the global economic scenario shifts fast, finding a top-quality estate agent is inevitable. He makes the deal easy and workable.

According to real estate gurus, the global investment picture has changed in 2015. No wonder, the same trend reflects in the London property market also. Since volumes are continuously building in Europe and America, investments are also pretty high. Since Asia-Pacific was not quite attractive, London got the apparant benefit. Not only commercial properties and modern residential complex, but there is a demand for luxury bungalows, villas as well.
Keeping the global perspective in mind, the role of real estate agent becomes further critical in London. Since foreign investment percent increases year after year, only seasoned agents can help in acquiring great properties. In Europe, around 30 percent transactions are contributed by foreign investors. Not only individual investors, but listed companies and institutional investors are also a significant part of it. Hence, there is a huge requirement of seasoned property dealers.

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How will you assess a god agent?
Well, it is not a cakewalk for sure. You are supposed to put efforts in finding out the best agent that brings good value for money. Here are some important factors that help in the right assessment.
Valuation of the property
Of course, every real estate offers valuation, but the most realistic and self-evident yield good profit. When the agent works based on your emotions and offers an inflated price that is completely unrealistic, there is no use of it. At the same time, an agent offering low price may result in a fast sale, but it will not solve the purpose of earning big profits. A seasoned agent comes with a list of comparable properties he or she has recently sold so that you have a comparison chart. If the agent brings a list of properties and values sold by other dealers, then you have got the best dealer around.

Money matters
Different dealers have different ways of charging. Typically, a transaction fee of 2 percent is charged by the majority of agents. Some charge 1 percent to capture the market share and some charge 3 percent in the name of the premium fee. Some agents work on a fixed fee and assure that you get the best deal. It is a general perception that you get the best service if the dealer charges high. However, it is not a case always. You should assess whether it is worth paying exorbitantly for a property dealer or not?

Marketing knacks
Some of the marketing strategies are common among property agents, but some are unique to the agent. You should find out the key marketing strategies that distinguish your agent from others. Some rely on publishing high-quality snaps on the website, and some believe in the Internet marketing. Where does the estate agent advertise? Is it using the leading newspapers or relies on hoarding more? Does the website of your agent appear on the first page of the search engine when you type “The best property agent in London”.

Size of the office is important
You may find it quite strange, but true that a well-established office of the property agent means will get support from a whole team. A small agency where two or three people sit might offer a personal service, but there is always a risk of personal dependence. When you meet a thoroughly professional company, there are several resources under the belt. You have dedicated account managers, front-office people, and back-office people. They call potential buyers, contact potential sellers and advertise the properties online. There is no doubt that the charges of a well-organized agency are always higher, but then you have several benefits as well!

The sixth sense
Do you get the gut feeling that the agent you are planning to meet will make the deal through? Yes, we receive positive and negative signals when we go for a crucial decision. You should always hear the “inner voice”. It might sound weird, but true. The first impression creates a big difference.

Recommendations from others
You should read what people say about the estate agent you are going to hire. Are there positive remarks? Do people love their services and recommend others? What was the experience of buyers and sellers who were involved in high-price dealing? How was the deal closed? What was the status of commitments versus fulfillment? Was the billing fair and clear? You need t find out answers before making the deal final. Search some other dealer if you are not entirely confident. Don’t sign half-heartedly.

Time is just perfect from the point of view of the real estate investment. Since both global and local indicators are quite encouraging, you need to search the best dealer with a substantial market presence. Investment in apartments and high-rise buildings increase manifold because of foreign investment. People from other countries want to invest in reliable world-class properties. In contrast to other prominent cities known for commercial properties, London is preferred for residential ones.

What is there in the year 2016?
Well, there is a lot of excitement waiting for property buyers and sellers in the year 2016. The UK market closed with enthusiastic signs in 2015. It is sure that at least two quarters will be quite aggressive. There may be a slight downfall in the last two quarters, but the overall market sentiments will be positive. Property agents in London will have a gala time. The only thing they need is keen customer focus. It is the key to success. Effectively closing the deal and handholding are two distinctive qualities. Good credibility is the USP of property agents. The more buyers trust them, higher is the profitability.