Using Solar Photovoltaics Panels

Around the world, the future is bright for using renewable energy resources, especially in a fast changing ecosystem. Utilizing renewable resources can not only supply electricity with unlimited and free resources, but it also helps to create local employment. Not to mention that it is very beneficial for our planet.

Local governments, electric suppliers and people like you who prefer to pursue a sustainable energy future now will be the pioneers in offering experience and know-how for assisting in meeting our world’s increasing energy needs in the 21st century.

Solar Photovoltaics PanelsPhotovoltaics is a process where sunlight produces electricity. The word photo means to light and voltaic means voltage. In full sunlight, a thin silicon cell which is four inches across can generate approximately one watt of direct current electric power. Nowadays, especially in Texas, USA, homeowners build solar powered homes, water pumps and calculators, which are just a few examples of how Photovoltaics can be used in action.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels are widely used solution for people interested in taking advantage of the sun’s energy. They are also best in producing a source of electricity in remote areas where electricity supplies currently do not exist, beside the fact that it is the ideal solution for producing renewable energy at home or at work. A perfect example of using solar power to generate electricity in remote areas can be found in space for many years now. Satellites use solar panels to catch the rays of the sun and provide power to equipment on board.

You can install photovoltaic panels as single devices or as part of an “array”. The huge benefit of installing solar PV panels in an array is the capability to produce more electricity from one system rather than installing a complete separate solar PV system for each panel used. Because of the augmenting efficacy of solar energy technologies, homeowners or business owners are able to install devices that have been proven to pay off over the years of operation, and most of the time generates a return of investment because of decreased electricity bills or even an income from selling excess electricity back to the grid.

Although it is likely for a household to get its entire power requirement from solar panels, this is an unlikely target most of the time. The expenses involved with installing a solar energy system that is capable of producing energy for a whole house would be drastically high for most homeowners.

Installing a solar electricity system is still a practical option to provide a great deal of amount of electricity helping to decrease electricity bills over the time of operation for a home or business.

Using submersible electric water pumps that are powered by photovoltaic modules are good for small to medium scale pumping needs of not higher than 2 horsepower. Because of their simplicity, lack of movable parts and longevity, these devices are slowly on the rise in popularity. There are also solar or wind hybrid pumping systems that are available.

Image by Flickr