We did not expect that!!

On a recent inspection on a property in Cornwall, our surveyor, having been instructed to undertake a Building Survey could not believe what they were seeing.  Inspecting the windows and checking seals for blown double glazing units the surveyor identified that the seals had deteriorated and double-glazed units had failed. This being a potentially large cost for a proposed purchaser if all windows required replacement.

An easy way to identify if windows are blown is the misting of units which obscures the view to the outside, however, these windows had a clearer view. What our surveyor identified were DRILLED holes within the corner of windows through one of the panes of glass forming the double-glazed units, this allowed for trapped moisture to escape and maintained the view of the property. Whilst this is lovely, subject to the view, the windows will be performing at a much lower performance regarding thermal efficiency and will ultimately place more demand on the heating of the property. We recommended to our client that the windows should be replaced.