What is a Snagging List and how does this differ from a pre-purchase survey?

A snagging list is considered by many when purchasing a new-build property. There is sometimes confusion as to how a snagging list differs to a pre-purchase survey and the benefits of a snagging list versus a pre-purchase survey.

A snagging list typically relates to unfinished works or defects associated with new-build properties and provides a useful list which can be given to the house-builder/developer with items to remedy or rectify before the property can be considered as complete. These ‘snags’ can range from items such as unfinished or poor quality paintwork (cosmetic and quality issues), cupboard doors not opening and closing properly (some operational matters), to prompts to check that certain certification and completion documents are provided and may also discuss any obvious contraventions of regulations such as Building Regulations standards.

It is important to note that in relation to new-build properties, some snags will also only become apparent over time and with regular use of the property. For example, it is common for hairline and shrinkage cracks to appear over time after construction due to normal thermal and building movement.

Whilst there are some possible overlaps of items that may be mentioned in both a pre-purchase survey and snagging list, it is not the case that a snagging list and pre-purchase survey would pick up on all of the same items or that the reports contain the same information. Pre-purchase survey reports typically provide more information in terms of the building itself, what it comprises of and what the key elements of the construction are believed to be constructed of. A pre-purchase survey reports on the condition and any significant defects that may need to be investigated or remedied based on the scope and limitations of the inspection. Pre-purchase survey reports also typically include prompts for things that may need to be further investigated by a purchaser’s legal adviser but are also less likely to mention more cosmetic-related and quality-related items which would typically be mentioned in a snagging list. The inspections, including the scope and limitations, may also vary between snagging lists and pre-purchase surveys and this is also something to consider.

Typically, neither snagging lists or pre-purchase surveys test or check service installations beyond a visual inspection as these are specialist installations that can only be properly tested and checked by the relevant qualified engineers. In addition, large areas of components of service installations such as pipework etc. may be concealed/hidden in the property’s construction and therefore will not be visible without invasive or destructive investigations.

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