What Makes Cornwall The Most-Favored Place To Live?

Leave aside the statistical reports a quick dipstick survey can also prove that Cornish people are among the happiest people in the world.

They love and enjoy every moment in Cornwall because the place is a fully-loaded pack of enjoyment.

Cornwall is becoming popular on a national and international scales. Hence, there will be a further inflow of people.

Therefore, the future is bright and exciting. No wonder, many people come to stay permanently every year.

It might not be in the top ten economically promising places, but it is a perfect place to settle down. What makes it so exciting? Here are some reasons.

The best broadband is here

Well, it may sound a little bit ridiculous, but it is a fact. Cornwall trailed the fastest broadband first, and more than 90 percent people are connected to the fiber optics network.

Isn’t it a brilliant idea to have a beach side office?

Fresh and clean environment

The super clean surroundings, crispy fresh air, and cool blue sea; the purity of Cornwall stuns everyone. Those who come for a holiday wish to settle there and those who settle here don’t imagine living anywhere in the world.

The place offers a long strand of coastline (more than 300 miles in length) where you can find the whole range of classic outdoor pursuits.

Epic trail running, surfing and several other attractions keep you busy all day along. Fun and food, dive and booze; the place is full of thrill.

The incredible beauty and freshness of this place is one of the reasons people stick to it.

A rich cultural heritage

The place carries a unique tradition of art, culture, and literature. It’s serenity and peace attract the writers, poets, and other artists.

For a person who enjoys the art and literature, Cornwall always offers a wide variety of attractions.

From spring to autumn, every weekend in Cornwall is buzzing with people. Wherever you go, there is a festive mood. Utterly fantastic food and music festivals you can find all around.

It is the best time to travel to Cornwall if you aren’t a local resident, and it is the best time to live on the streets instead of the home if you are a Cornish.

The best seafood and other delicacies

How can one forget the mind-boggling seafood in Cornwall? The best is, of course, the lobsters but the list doesn’t end there.

You have all varieties of seafood there, and all of them are mouthwatering and delicious. Most importantly, they are brought fresh from the sea.

Pork belly clotted cream and pasties are the top-rated food delicacies in Cornwall. The Cornish pigs are known for their superior taste and juiciness. Especially the slow-roasted pork belly is just incredible.

Pasties are all-time favorite food there. You can drag a Cornish fellow to enjoy pasty anytime.

People from everywhere come to Cornwall for enjoying the best delights. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant pull factors.

No wonder it is rated high among the preferred places to live.