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How Do Chartered Surveyors Complete Their Task

Thursday, 26 June, 2014

Property owners have many concerns. First, they need to be well-informed about the laws pertaining to property ownership. This is very necessary especially in real estate because land titles can be troublesome if not arranged beforehand. They need to understand the exact area where the property starts and ends for protection of the ownership. If … Read More »

Chartered Building Surveyors For Ultimate Property Maintenance

Thursday, 19 June, 2014

Surveying buildings may be a first priority in acquiring used properties. This is essential in realizing the value of the estate, if it’s still worth the purchase or not. Additionally, the surveying process is done for certain government compliance. Whatever the reason is, building surveys are meant to preserve safety for the all occupants. Many … Read More »

Change of Use from Commercial to Residential and the Permitted Development Rights

Monday, 16 April, 2012

The UK government believes their planning system should offer a supply of land for residential use. They believe and recognize there are going to be changes in the residential and commercial area, and the government is willing to support and recognize these changes and respond to them. Their desire is to respond to the social … Read More »

Capital Allowance for Commercial Properties

Wednesday, 28 March, 2012

Business investors, individuals and corporate firms who own or are in occupation of commercial premises or properties, who end up incurring a capital expenditure while buying such premises or other business items and assets are entitled to capital allowances which are normally in form of a tax relieve. Most investors, business owners and commercial property … Read More »

Coastal Erosion and Its Effects on Properties and Safety

Wednesday, 29 February, 2012

When soil or land particles are carried away from one place to another either by natural or man-made occurrences, there would be significant changes in the soil structure. Erosion is a natural occurrence in the crust that happens every day, or every time a hydraulic or Aeolian action happens. Depending on the volume of soil … Read More »

Non-traditional Construction Types

Wednesday, 1 February, 2012

The Housing Defects Act of 1984 is a Parliamentary legislation that allows grants to be given to unsuspected buyers of houses built between 1950’s and 1960’s. Houses built during this time were generally poorly constructed and have lots of structural issues. Dwellings and other building types are built following a set of standards and rules. … Read More »

Planning – Rules for Change Of Use From Commercial To Residential

Monday, 23 January, 2012

PLANNING is the managerial procedure of maintaining and creating a plan; and the psychosomatic progression of philosophy about the actions essential to generate a preferred objective on some level. It integrates predicting of developments with the research of scenarios of how to act in response to them. It aids the administration to center, clarify and … Read More »

Taxation – Capital Gains on Commercial Properties

Wednesday, 11 January, 2012

A tax is referred to a financial load laid upon owners of property or individuals to support a government. It is not a charitable donation or payment but a contribution enforced pursuant to the law of a given country.  It is a payment enforced by a government whether in the name of toll, excise, subsidy, … Read More »

Cornwall is a Second Home Hotspot

Friday, 8 July, 2011

The southwest part of England has been a holiday spot for UK residents for years, and now many are purchasing instead of renting. Though letting a house or apartment is still a popular, and reasonably-priced, way to find a holiday home, owning a second home here and throughout the UK is becoming more and more … Read More »

UK mortgage approvals hit record low in April

Tuesday, 7 June, 2011

Approvals for house purchases dropped by about 2,000 on the previous month to 45,166, the Bank of England reported, reversing much of the pick-up seen following December’s 20-month low as the snow hit. The level of loans tallies with falling house prices, said Nida Ali, economic adviser to the Ernst & Young ITEM Club. “A … Read More »