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Tuesday, 10 December, 2019

WHAT IS HIMALAYAN BALSAM? Himalayan Balsam, otherwise known as Impatiens glandulifera is a relative of the busy Lizzie, but has a much more aggressive growth rate, reaching heights of up to 3 meters. This invasive plant was introduced into the UK in 1839 from Northern India and has become problematic especially in riverbank locations. The … Read More »

Invest In Development And Buy-To-Let Properties Cornwall For Excellent Growth

Saturday, 20 October, 2018

Due to various reasons, the property market in the UK has shown various ups and downs. You take any place in the country, some have performed exceptionally well, and some did not. Cornwall, the calm and serene town is famous amongst the tourists for its superior natural beauty. However, statistics show that it has been … Read More »

The Importance Of Building Your Property To Be Resilient To Extreme Weather

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017

Catastrophic natural disasters and unforeseen events continue to endanger human lives as well as property. Besides leaving an indelible mark on humans, these disasters and extreme calamities damage property on a large scale. Every year, thousands of buildings are put to rubbles in a matter of a few minutes all over the world. Extreme weather … Read More »

look see’ CCTV drain scans

Tuesday, 10 January, 2017

We at Cockrams Surveying undertake ‘look see’ CCTV drain scans (where access permits) on our intermediate and full building surveys. We have always considered this is necessary on older properties as defective drains can wash out the ground and cause foundation movement. Blockages in drains can also expose occupants to significant health risks including rodents … Read More »

Measured Survey, What, How and Why?

Tuesday, 9 August, 2016

Measured building surveys are carried out for verification and record purpose. They are also used for calculating the area and identifying gaps between the original plan and actual construction, and also to measure floor plans, elevations, sections, etc. Architects, surveyors, and builders appoint expert agencies to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. With a … Read More »

Don’t Make Too Much Fuss About Mundic Block Testing, It Is Simple

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016

Have you heard about Mundic Block testing? Does it prevent from your property getting sold out? Is there a massive fall in the price if your property doesn’t pass the test? Not at all! Experts say that it is not required to make a hue and cry about it. Let’s understand and clarify disconnects.

Valuation Fee Profit Becomes The Bone Of Contention

Saturday, 27 February, 2016

If you look at the general reaction to trade bodies, then it is quite clear that they have an apprehension towards the transparency of lenders about the valuation fee. Though the government has put utmost efforts in simplifying the charges, it is a fact that lenders are still quite skeptical about it. Experts say that since lenders keep a big margin with them under the heading administration fee, there is a tendency of keeping the things secret.

The UK is ready for new reforms in the “Right To Rent” clause w.e.f. 1st Feb

Saturday, 30 January, 2016

All residential landlords who will enter into a fresh tenancy agreement on or after 1st February 2016 have to follow the new norms. The government is enforcing “Right To Rent” reforms which will check the eligibility and authenticity of a tenant before signing a rent agreement. It is the responsibility of the land owner to … Read More »

What It Takes To Be A Chartered Building Surveyor

Thursday, 10 July, 2014

Taking building surveyor as a career is demanding. It takes dedication, accuracy, and persistence to get things done right. Also, they need to have above average interpersonal skills since they will be working alongside with the planning department, construction workers, clients, and other construction-related professionals. This team work is important in achieving the standards and … Read More »

Chartered Building Surveyors For Ultimate Property Maintenance

Thursday, 19 June, 2014

Surveying buildings may be a first priority in acquiring used properties. This is essential in realizing the value of the estate, if it’s still worth the purchase or not. Additionally, the surveying process is done for certain government compliance. Whatever the reason is, building surveys are meant to preserve safety for the all occupants. Many … Read More »