Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Doors Become The First Choice Of Construction Engineers

Construction engineers always try to find out materials that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally rich. They aim to enhance the value of a property by incorporating new concepts.

In recent years, there has been a remarkable increase in the popularity of bi-fold doors across the UK. Statistically, the bi-fold doors recorded an extraordinary growth of 7 percent year on year.

The reasons behind such a grand success are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Ability to create space
  • Incredible designs
  • Superior quality
  • Excellent protection from weather

Bi-fold doors are right for every household. However, it is crucial that the buyers review energy efficiency before finalizing a product.

If a less energy efficient model is installed, then it may not offer the appropriate protection from the elements.

Why should you buy a bi-fold door?

Here are some aspects that shouldn’t be ignored while you select.

Thermal barrier

In a bi-fold door that uses polyamide thermal barriers, you get excellent insulation. Even if the door frame is made from Aluminum, which is a natural conductor of heat, the thermal barrier makes it weatherproof.

Modern barriers are 30% more effective than earlier resin barriers. With the advanced profile technology, it is possible to make a thermal transmittance barrier.

It works excellently in keeping the home warm inside during the winters. Since less energy is needed to maintain the house warm, the power bill comes down phenomenally.

Lower U-value

The U-value is the efficiency calculator. A material with low U-value is considered more efficient in providing insulation. The more it insulates, the lower the power consumption bill will be.

When you install bi-fold doors with U-value 1.4 and less, it is guaranteed that you will get optimal thermal effectiveness.

To know about the best products, you need to browse the Internet. Compare several brands before making a choice.

Weather resistance

Since you expect protection from extreme climatic conditions, it is essential to check the weather resistance of a bi-folding door.

It should have passed rigorous weather tests such as weather tightness test. Other essential tests are the air permeability test and water tightness test.

Also, you should check the wind resistance test results.

All these tests are conducted during the quality-checking process. The test results are mentioned in the product manual.

It is required to spend some time comparing two or multiple products to get the peace of mind. You want the home fully insulted from external weather conditions.

CE mark

Last but not least, you must check that the door has CE marking. It is mandatory for products sold in the EEA (European Economic Area).

It is not easy to get the CE marking. For this, the manufacturer needs to give evidence of everything; from thermal efficiency to water tightness and weathertightness to wind resistance.

Thus, you can rest assured of the product quality if the door has a CE mark. It means the door is compliant with all necessary performance criteria.

Construction engineers pick high-class bi-fold doors to make your home the perfect place to live!