Our latest feedback from our clients

Client Feedback

Our client feedback means a lot to us as it helps us to know that we are giving our clients a superior service to shout about!

Please have a look at our recent feedback;

“Hi Colin,

No doubt, following your kind intervention, I received a phone call from Peter yesterday afternoon and he apologised for his tardiness in sending out the woodworm treatment guarantee. As you said, he told me that he has very busy but has promised to send out the guarantee within the next few days.

He also confirmed that he treated all the timbers in the loft space and this has eased my concern following the discovery of rotten timber. The previous owners informed me that they had a new roof installed some 5 years ago and it would appear that although the roofing contractors installed new timber supports, they omitted to remove the old timbers. As you recommended, I have sprayed the old timber with Cuprinol 5 star wood preservative and inserted new timber supports prior to rendering and re-plastering.

Colin, I am very grateful that you took the time to come and see me and put my mind at rest and also for chasing up Peter on my behalf. Your ‘after sale’ support and guidance is very much appreciated and represents a thorough professional approach which is not found very often these days.

Kind regards