Pitch Fibre Pipe Repairs

Pitch Fibre Pipe Repairs

Compressible Pitch Fibre Pipes were fitted principally in properties built between 1950-1970 and are becoming an increasing problem as they fail through de-lamination, blistering and general collapse/pinching.

Our research shows there are three principle methods of repair where no digging is required and is known as “No Dig Repair”.

1.) Reform the pipe work by winching through a bullet shaped reforming tool.

2.) By pulling through a Reamer to cut out the high and low spots in the deformed pipe work followed by a low pressure jet wash.

3.) A cutter can be used when only one man hole is present followed by a low pressure jet wash

Once the pipe work is reformed or cut back into a circular shape and a liner covered in resin is pulled through (which is filled with compressed air and left to cure) then finally trimming off the ends.

This would seem to be a less disruptive repair and often comes with a ten year guarantee from reputable contractors.